Before the goodbye.

I’m leaving you with this last editorial shot by the young Camille(@la_sardine_zebree). I’m leaving this place but only to go in a better one, with another project, on an other platform. Being 
« Le French Boy » was a starting point for me. A fantastic venture that went beyond all my expectations but it’s now time to move on. 

What does it means to be an influencer today ? Some of them paved the way in 2007, like Bryanboy, giving us a real credibility and the power to change things positively. Today we’re just marketing tool carrying the same shallow and consumerist message : our life is perfect, buy the things we buy (including this ugly table set graciously offered by Ikea) and try to live like us. Try because everything is fake so you’ll keep trying endlessly without succeeding. 

I’ve always stayed true to my passions and commitments. I started to feel nauseous, seeing all these basics (sorry I have no other words, no offense really) popping up everyday on “IG”, selling us the same things that are as basic as them. Many of these “fashion bloggers” left fashion to do “lifestyle” or to become “travel bloggers”. Sure it’s better to have a free Easyjet ticket to Mallorca instead of a 10€ ASOS jumper, but where’s your moral ? Is it as basic as you ?  

This is no envy or jealousy. I would relate instead to Madonna’s words to John Enos in 1992 when talking about Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone. “Not because I want to be these women because I’d rather die”. I’ll never comply. 

I still have respect for the handful of them who succeeded and can today live off that, but that’s not what I want for me. 

I have any influence, I want it to be useful. I want to use it to help open your minds, showing beautiful and uncommon stuff, taking you out of your comfort zone. Many of you are following me in France Europe and everywhere in the world. Thanks to this blog and Instagram account I got the chance to meet so many of you, talk to you. I won’t spit on that. It’s beautiful to find alter-egos in Paris, London, Athens or Boston, like in Sense8 you know. 

Internet is giving us today the power to initiate change, to give a voice to those who didn’t have any just 10 years ago.  I’ll come back with a new project by the end of the year. Something beautiful, unusual, real, not mainstream and that will push boundaries even further. 

Rest assured, we won’t loose our connection. I’m just ending this call to call you back elswhere. TTYS. Talk to you soon.